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Make Extra Rent with
Nebula Capsule

Exclusive Offer for Vacation Rental Hosts!

Buy a Nebula Capsule series portable projector at an exclusive discount and transform your rentals into mini home cinemas.

We’ll then send you an exclusive savings code. Every time a guest purchases a Nebula projector using your code, you’ll get $50 cash.

Less Cost. More Portability.

If you have more than one room in your location, a Nebula portable projector is the ideal alternative to a traditional TV.

Guests can pick it up and watch anywhere: in the bedroom, the kitchen—even outside under the stars.

You’d need a TV in every room to recreate the convenience of a Nebula projector: and that would cost you thousands of dollars more!

Make Your Space More Memorable

From an unforgettable evening watching movies by starlight or streaming Netflix from their bed at the end of the day. Guests will share incredible moments while staying at your rental.

They will leave with lasting memories which might lead them to recommend your place to friends and family in the future.

Sharing the Love

In addition to your exclusive discount, you’ll also receive a handy product promotion card. This card includes information about the Capsule series, as well as a discount code for your guests.

Make sure the card and the projector are on display in a highly-visible location.

If a guest makes a purchase via your custom referral link, you’ll get $50 in cash.

Apply for Your Exclusive Host Discount Code

1.Complete the application form

2.The Nebula Team reviews your application (3-5 business days)

3.Coupons are issued to your Nebula account if your application is approved

4.Purchase Nebula Capsule at and apply your discount coupons at checkout

5.Once received, display Capsule and the card inside your rental

6.Receive $50 every time a guest purchases a Nebula Capsule series projector using your discount code

Questions for Joining the Program:

Please upload documents to prove you are the owner of the property*

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