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Capsule Projector
The Soda Can-Sized Pocket Projector
Product FAQ
Does Capsule work with plex?

Yes, Capsule works with Plex. You can download Plex from the built-in Aptoide TV App Store.

Can Capsule read the contents from WD hard disk?

Capsule can read USB devices with the format of FAT32.

Does Capsule work with iPhones?

Yes, Capsule works with iPhones. If you want to play content from iOS devices, you can screen mirror via Airplay or use a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Can you use Capsule while it's charging?

Yes, you can use Capsule while it's charging.

Are wireless speakers compatible with Capsule?

Yes, wireless speakers can be used with Capsule. You can connect them to Capsule via Bluetooth.

Is Capsule capable of projecting a viewble image in a bright outdoor environment?

We recommend you use Capsule in low-light enviroments.

How long does Capsule's battery last? Does it require to be plugged in the entire time?

Capsule's battery will last 4 hours when playing non-stop video content at 50% volume.

Can you adjust the projection size?

To adjust Capsule's projection size, you must physically move the unit backwards or forwards.

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