Gift Them With Something Special

Forget about the usual assortment of bland corporate gifts. They won’t impress your partners or VIP guests.
Instead, gift them something special. Our Capsule, Mars, and Prizm series of projectors deliver portable big-screen entertainment your partners and VIP guests can watch wherever and enjoy together.
  • For Partners
  • For Champions
  • For VIP Guests

Our Promise to You

  • Discount coupons are available for approved businesses who purchase 5 or more units.
  • We accept payment via PayPal, bank transfer, and invoice.
  • All orders, no matter the quantity, will be shipped free of charge.
  • 45-day money back guarantee on all purchases.
  • Contact us at for extra co-branding opportunities.

Apply for the Corporate Purchase Program

  • 1. Complete the application form
  • 2. Nebula reviews your application
    (3-5 business days)
  • 3. Coupons are issued to your Nebula account if your application is approved
  • 4. Log in to your Nebula account and find your coupons under My Account
  • 5. Purchase Nebula projectors at and apply the discount coupon at the Checkout page


In which countries is the Nebula Corporate Purchase Program available?
Currently, the Nebula Corporate Purchase Program only ships to the USA.
Which businesses can apply for the Nebula Corporate Purchase Program discount?
The Nebula Corporate Purchase Program is open to all businesses. Nebula reserves the right to review all orders and enterprise qualifications, and decline those who do not meet Nebula’s criteria.
Do the Nebula coupons issued have expiration dates or other limitations?
Coupons expire 1 month after the date of issue. If you redeem your Corporate Purchase Program coupons, you cannot qualify for rebates offered by the Nebula Affiliate Program.
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